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Clothing Company Takes A Stand For Body Diversity: ‘It’s Time For The Fashion Industry To Wake Up’
2014-9-6 18:06:55

Popular clothing company ModCloth has become the first brand to sign onto the “Truth In Advertising Heroes Pledge,” a voluntary commitment to refrain from using overly Photoshopped models on its website and promotional materials. In an open letter published on its site this week, one of ModCloth’s founders wrote that she’s “deeply disappointed in the way my industry depicts fashion to consumers” and she thinks it’s “time for real change.”

Susan Koger, who started the company in 2002 with her high school boyfriend, is going beyond the commitment to avoid Photoshop. She’s also pledging to use a diverse range of models on the site, manufacture and sell clothing in a wide variety of sizes, and continue to listen to feedback from customers. And ModCloth is launching a #FashionTruth campaign, inviting all customers to join a “casting call for all” by snapping photos of themselves that could end up featured on the site.
“Not only is this our pledge to you, it’s also a challenge to the industry, because reflecting women as they really are should be the rule — not the exception,” Koger wrote in her letter.